SE Essentials Offers Comprehensive IT Management and Support

At Systems Engineering, we understand the evolving demands placed on IT departments. They are being faced with device proliferation, data explosion, developing information complexity and the ever present need to maintain a reliable and secure network.  At the same time, organizations need to ensure their IT dollars are aligned with their strategic goals and not just used for putting out IT fires. In order to meet this need for companies, SE introduces SE Essentials.

SE Essentials helps clients build a reliable, secure IT infrastructure by combining highly skilled people, a predictable process and state-of-the art technology in a comprehensive manner. With SE Essentials, clients are able to stabilize important IT systems which in turn frees up their internal IT resources from the burden of ‘firefighting’ so they can stay focused on strategic business projects and processes.

This new service utilizes remote management tools allowing SE to deliver the same high level of service whether the client is down the street or several states away.  SE’s expert personnel can deliver total IT infrastructure management and support anywhere.

SE Essentials bundles our most popular managed services, delivering a comprehensive, high value IT infrastructure offering to clients. Key features include:

Network Support

  • Help Desk support with skilled technicians who can resolve most end-user issues on the first call.
  • Service level agreement for incident response.
  • 24×7 response plan to address critical network issues.

Proactive Network Management

  • 24×7 monitoring and network issue remediation to resolve issues before they become a disruption.
  • Network administration to manage your Microsoft domain.
  • Network health-checks to maintain network performance and to plan for future changes.
  • Backup management to ensure your data is always protected.

Network Security

  • Next generation firewall with Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and gateway anti-virus.
  • Automated patching of servers and workstations with compliance reporting.
  • Centrally managed anti-virus protection for servers and workstations to ensure signatures are up-to-date.
  • Protection from Web 2.0 and email phishing threats with web content filtering and email SPAM filtering.

For more information on SE’s newest managed IT service offering, visit the SE Essentials homepage.