Cecelia Health

Cecelia Health needed a scalable, secure (HIPAA | HITECH | HITRUST), one-to-one health coaching solution that blended their clinical coaching with technology to help chronically ill individuals around the country.


Cecelia Health is a leading technology-enabled diabetes and chronic disease management company that connects clinical coaching and proprietary technology with people living with diabetes and related chronic diseases, to improve patient outcomes for a healthier population.


Cecelia Health provides a platform for third-party healthcare and wellness professionals to remotely deliver one-to-one coaching services via video calls to patients with chronic illnesses. The company had the healthcare analytics needed to drive the desired healthcare outcomes, but it required a robust, comprehensive solution to deliver its one-to-one health coaching sessions. Cecelia Health requirements included:

  • The desire to provide a good patient experience, which meant making it easy for patients to join a video call, to easily control their camera, and to trust their personal information was private and secure.
  • The desire to also provide a good coaching experience by having their calls pre-scheduled by a supervisor, to instant messaging while in a live session, to save the video recording, and to generate a transcript of the session.
  • The demand to meet the data privacy and retention requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, and HITRUST.
  • The ability to secure all video calls and the content within an assigned group while allowing supervisors visibility into the groups they managed. 
  • The need to secure the highly collaborative platform from the risks of unmanaged third parties.


Systems Engineering was engaged to begin helping the company evaluate telehealth solutions that enabled them to provide remote coaching services at a cost that fit within their business model. Knowing Cecelia Health had Microsoft 365 and understanding their business requirements, Systems Engineering advised the company to build its complex, telehealth environment in Microsoft Teams. This app can be enabled within Microsoft 365 deployments and effectively secured with Cloud Security tools through highly specific security policies that meet regulated data security requirements. Systems Engineering engineered this solution, working along-side Microsoft subject matter experts to ensure the necessary features were fully enabled to achieve Cecelia Health’s comprehensive, secure coaching experience. This included:

  • Using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities with customized security policies allowing the company to secure files, videos, and instant messages while meeting stringent data retention requirements.
  • Customizing Conditional Access to allow third-party coaches to access and manage each video call session without making the experience burdensome. Conditional Access also enables health coaches to verify a patient before permitting them into a private, one-to-one session.
  • Generating video call transcriptions to include in each patient’s case file.
  • Securing the video call recording by storing each in Microsoft Stream and defending them from unauthorized access.


With Systems Engineering assistance, Cecelia Health now has a robust, secure, compliant (HIPAA | HITECH | HITRUST) telehealth environment. This solution is helping them realize their aspirations of delivering scalable, secure, one-on-one health coaching by blending clinical coaching and technology to help individuals and organizations reach their goals.

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