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SE Alert: Bash Bug / Shell Shock Update

Systems Engineering is continuing to manage and mitigate risks resulting from the Bash Bug / Shell Shock vulnerability, CVE-20140-6271.  Discovered on September 24, 2014, Linux, Unix and Apple OS X systems have been affected.  This does not impact Microsoft Windows systems.  At SE, we have taken the following measures; Verified cloud application providers we use… Read more »

SE Alert: Bash Bug

On Wednesday, September 24th, reports came out of a newly discovered vulnerability being referred to as the “Bash Bug”.  Bash is a common function found in Linux, Unix and Mac OSx computers. A recently discovered flaw in it could allow an attacker to execute remote control code. This does not affect Microsoft Windows servers, desktops… Read more »

Verizon Data Breach 2014 Report Findings

The seminal security report from Verizon, the 2014 Data Breach Investigation Report or DBIR, was recently released and provides valuable information on how to protect your network and data.  In this article, we highlight the key findings that can help you make informed decisions about your own security stance.  Each year the DBIR report provides… Read more »

Microsoft Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability update

We’re seeing security product vendors updating their systems in order to block the exploit of this vulnerability.  The anti-virus vendors have started to push out signatures to their applications and our SE Secure and Managed Security clients have also received an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) update to their firewalls. No information yet from Microsoft on… Read more »

Microsoft IE Vulnerability Discovered

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Microsoft announced the discovery of a vulnerability in versions 7 thru 11 of Internet Explorer “IE” running on PC’s.  This does not affect servers running IE.  The vulnerability can allow a hacker or malicious code to assume the same security privileges as the user and gain access to their systems.  Microsoft… Read more »

Heartbleed Bug – Continue Vigilance

Systems Engineering is recommending continuing vigilance as Web sites, software and mobile app vendors continue to address the Heartbleed vulnerability. A large number of mobile apps, including payment apps, have been found to be vulnerable.  Specifically you should be checking the security, blog or news section of their Web sites to see if they have… Read more »

Heartbleed Bug Security Update

As of Wednesday morning, April 9th, Systems Engineering has activated its Security Response team and is meeting regularly to assess the risks associated with the Heartbleed vulnerability and working with customers who may be directly impacted by this. What is the impact of the Heartbleed Vulnerability? The impact is limited primarily to secure “https” Web… Read more »

Heartbleed Bug

On Monday night researchers discovered a significant security vulnerability, the Heartbleed Bug, in Internets sites using OpenSSL to encrypt traffic to their secure sites. Most notably Yahoo has said they were affected but have already addressed the vulnerability.  NetCraft estimates that 17% of internet sites are affected by this vulnerability and that these sites are running… Read more »

Threat Protection Strategies and HIPAA Compliance

REGISTER It takes just one security breach to adversely affect your business and damage your reputation.  Healthcare organizations like yours are looking for security solutions that minimize and mitigate security risks, while remaining compliant with ongoing HIPAA, HITECH and OMNIBUS rules and regulations. In Systems Engineering’s Webinar, Threat Protection Strategies and HIPAA Compliance, we’ll look… Read more »

Windows XP: End of Life

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP as of April 8, 2014. While almost a third of all desktop operating systems (OS) worldwide are still running XP, the numbers are dropping fast as businesses make the change. In fact, over 58% of all desktops now run Windows 7, 8 or 8.1… Read more »