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Cloud-based Capabilities and More

By Mark Benton | Product Manager A typical office in 1995, with PC’s and email, might have looked very sophisticated to your mother who was used to working with typewriters and physical mailboxes in 1975. In the same cyclical pattern, the office we see in 2015 is not like that of 1995. We now have… Read more »

Systems Engineering delivers centralized reporting capabilities to Apothecary by Design

Imagine the day when you can pull large volumes of data from disparate systems to generate information which you can use to make better business decisions…all at a push of a button!  Then, imagine that information can be delivered to you in any format you desire, aggregated in multiple ways, refreshed easily, and programmed to… Read more »

The Importance RPO and RTO: Application and Data Protection Planning

Are you aware of the amount of data you have? Does your data growth feel out of control? Do you know how long it will take to recover your critical data and applications in the event of a disaster? These questions are important to ask yourself because data growth rates are rapidly increasing.  IDC predicts… Read more »

E-mail Archiving: Long-Term Data Storage Management

E-mail is now widely recognized as a mission-critical business application, allowing organizations to effectively communicate and easily share documents via e-mail attachments across the enterprise while providing a record of conversations between employees and client.  But e-mail is not infallible:  Left unchecked, mailboxes can grow exponentially into massive, unstructured datasets that are unwieldy to navigate,… Read more »

Risks of Unmanaged Data

Get your digital rags and mops out.  It’s time for your data to receive some much needed spring e-cleaning.   Data growth is a challenge for most of us both personally and professionally. In recent years with the decreasing price of storage, we’ve become complacent in not cleaning out our digital junk drawers. While estimates… Read more »