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    IT Essentials is more than just a service. 

    It’s a secure and productive way to run your business.

    From a top-notch Help Desk to network monitoring to the latest baseline security technologies, we provide a solid technology foundation where businesses can grow and thrive – securely. To navigate and ensure success with technology, a knowledgeable account executive will work closely by your side, becoming an indispensable part of your team.

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    For 35 years, our team of 180+ New England based technology and cybersecurity experts have delivered practical and right-sized managed technology solutions to help clients achieve business goals while maintaining security and compliance.


    Adaptive Cybersecurity Framework (aCSF)

    At the core of our services is aCSF, a continuous improvement approach to security maturity. We infuse security across our people, processes, and technologies to help companies get ahead of and manage cyber risks to:

    • Secure & Enhance Productivity
    • Operationalize NIST
    • Achieve & Maintain Compliance


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    Defend Your SMB Against Brute-Force Attacks: 8 Essential Strategies

    In the past few months, the security operations team of Systems Engineering has detected a significant increase in unauthorized attempts to access devices via remote networks among our monitored client base. This type of intrusion is commonly referred to as a brute-force attack. In a brute-force attack, threat actors relentlessly try different combinations of usernames and passwords until they successfully guess the correct credentials. 

    Organizations must understand the significance of safeguarding their systems and data against cyber attacks. It is essential to take proactive measures to prevent threat actors from gaining unauthorized network access. Here are 8 actionable steps to help protect against such attacks.

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