Portland Press Herald Panel Discussion

MAKE IT WORK SERIES: A workplace game changer.

Thursday, June 24 at 12:00 PM

After more than a year of scrambling to accommodate a remote workforce, companies are now opening their doors. But will it be business as usual? Who goes back to the office? What are the cultural impacts of a hybrid workforce? How do managers retain employees, assess productivity and maintain confidentiality and security with a hybrid workforce?


Join moderator Carol Coultas, Business Editor at the Portland Press Herald, and a panel of insightful executives on June 24 at noon as they look at how COVID has changed the way we work and strategies for managing that change.


Panelists include:

  • Matt McGrath, President and CEO at Systems Engineering
  • Kim Anania, President and CEO at KMA Human Resources Consulting
  • Michael Buescher, Employment Attorney at Drummond Woodsum

Microsoft 365 Security Virtual Lab

Wednesday, June 23 from 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Wednesday, June 30 from 10:00 – 11:30 AM


These  events are led by Microsoft certified Customer Immersion Experience facilitators. You will access a virtual security center simulator where the instructors will walk you through some of the Microsoft security features that pare working behind the scenes to protect businesses every day.


This event has limited space to foster group discussion.

Microsoft Teams Power Event


Unlock the Power of Microsoft Teams.  This event is held in a simulated Microsoft Teams environment lead by Microsoft certified Customer Immersion Experience facilitators who will demonstrate what the next-level adoption of Teams can look like.


This event has limited space and is by invitation only.  Please reach out to your Account Manager or contact events@systemsengineering.com for more information.

Microsoft Teams Hands-On Training Lab


This monthly event is led by Microsoft certified Customer Immersion Experience facilitators who guide you through the Microsoft Teams platform to help you be effective with teamwork to get more done. You’ll have access to Microsoft Teams simulated environment where you can explore and try out the its many productivity features.


Microsoft Azure Hands-On Training Lab


These events are led by Microsoft certified Customer Immersion Experience  facilitators who will show you some of the platform’s features and capabilities, including how to create your own Virtual Machine, set up a Windows Server Data Center, and create Resource Groups, Availability Sets, and much more.


Remote Working Tips and Best Practices

We have compiled several on-demand training and best practice events for you and your staff to remain productive and secure while working remotely.  ACCESS TRAINING EVENTS

How to support the new work-from-home model.

President & CEO, joined other business leaders to discuss virtual management and remote employee engagement strategies.  For Systems Engineering, culture, communication, and trust are three keys to our success.  WATCH HERE