Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


A great way to identify your cybersecurity risks and ensure your organization has the right mix of security measures in place to effectively combat modern threats, is to enlist Systems Engineering to perform a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment. We have spent over a decade developing and refining our cybersecurity risk assessment which takes an in-depth look at the following critical categories of cybersecurity:

  • Governance, Policies, & Procedures
  • Perimeter Security
  • Internal Protections
  • Server & Endpoint Management
  • Identity Management
  • Cloud, Web, & Email Management
  • Application & Data Security

Once we have performed the cybersecurity risk assessment, your business will:

  • Know your security maturity level in each of the critical categories of cybersecurity
  • Determine the protections it has in place and how/if they are working
  • Receive a thorough interpretation of the risks/vulnerabilities your organization has
  • Identify critical risks and recommended mitigation steps for each of the key categories
  • Come away with a proactive plan and prioritize security spending that protects your business moving forward

Systems Engineering’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is not a checklist exercise or a checkbox of your tools and compliance measures. We take a critical look at each of your cybersecurity defenses to identify what security controls and practices you have in place or are missing, understand the efficacy of each defense measure, and summarize our findings in an executive report that provides your organization with recommendations to mitigate your cybersecurity risks.


If your organization wants to understand its ability to defend its critical assets and where to make improvements in your defenses, get in touch with us by filling out our form.