Database Services

Turn Raw Data Into Intelligent Business Information

When it comes to making business decisions, streamlining your data into meaningful, intelligent information matters. Systems Engineering’s database services take your dispersed data and turn it into powerful, flexible, end-user controlled reports that provide clear visibility into your business, empowering your organization to make smarter, more strategic business decisions.

SQL Database Design

Systems Engineering can help you take data spread across multiple applications or multiple and complex spreadsheets to create valuable information you can use to make smarter, more strategic business decisions. By taking data once stranded in a single location or spreadsheet you can securely make it available multiple users who will get the information they need when they need it.

SQL Server Support

Systems Engineering has a trained staff of SQL experts and DBA’s who can manage, support, protect, and tune SQL Server. You’ll get the most out of your data, be confident that it’s being backed up correctly, and rest assured that your databases are running at top efficiency to minimize downtime and data corruption.

Access Development

Microsoft’s Access database product has been a workhorse of businesses for years. Access allows users to create quick, easy and simple applications to support your business needs.

Over the years, these applications can grow becoming a key component of your business. What started out as a small set of functions for one user is now dozens of functions for several users. But now you’re feeling the problems: the key developer is gone and no one really knows how it works, or it’s getting slower and slower and slower and impacting operations.

Systems Engineering software engineers can free you of these issues with one of two solutions:

  • Keep your investment in the application intact by keeping the application (the piece the user uses to run the application) but swap out the database piece (where the data is actually stored) with Microsoft’s SQL Server database. SQL Server is a high-powered, full-featured database that’s built for speed, many users, and many transactions.
  • Replace the entire Access application with a new application using modern programming tools (web-based solutions) and databases (Microsoft’s SQL Server).

Systems Engineering provides a host of specific database services. Contact us for a free assessment of your SQL Server environment or Access applications.