Business Continuity

Planning for Business Disruption or Disaster

When your organization experiences a disruption such as a data breach, hardware failure, severe weather event or other disaster, the ability to keep operations going rely on your plans and policies. According to FEMA, roughly 50% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster. With sound plans and effective policies in place, you can significantly reduce your chances of failure in the face of disaster.

Being prepared before disaster strikes ensures an organization can get back to business by recovering their data and systems quicker. A thorough Business Continuity Plan will also demonstrate to your clients, shareholders, and employees your business’ ability to withstand unplanned disruptions. While business continuity plans consist of varying organizational factors, we ensure our clients’ plans align with their technologies by offering best practices and strategies for data protection and systems recovery.

Let us put your Business Continuity Plan to the test!

Already have a Business Continuity Plan? Our Systems Engineering’s IT-Policies-as-a-Service can help prove the validity of your Business Continuity Plan. We offer valuable tabletop exercises to clients, creating disaster scenarios in a safe environment that challenge your plan to find what works and what doesn’t.