Healthcare IT and Cybersecurity Solutions

Systems Engineering has extensive experience providing IT and cybersecurity solutions to the healthcare industry. For over 35 years, our team has worked with healthcare organizations and their Business Associates offering the highest level of IT support and cybersecurity services. The evolving healthcare regulatory and reimbursement landscape is putting ever-increasing demands on technology solutions and IT budgets. We can help your organization forecast needs, develop technology plans, and optimize IT investments to minimize operational and financial risks to your organization.



  • Architect and deploy efficient infrastructures that support business applications such as NextGen® Healthcare, eClinicalWorks®, Centricity™ EMR, athenahealth©, Orion Health, or PACSHealth® solutions, plus more.
  • Ensure network availability and performance with 24×7 monitoring of your network by experienced engineers.
  • Protect your organization from a variety of attack vectors with a superior security foundation. 
  • Proactively address network issues before they cause any significant disruptions.
  • Free up resources and relieve staff of non-core functions to concentrate on strategic digital initiatives. 
  • Obtain SLA (service level agreement) managed response from our team of highly skilled engineers.


  • Protect vital medical data against unauthorized access.
  • Prepare and develop backup and recovery strategies that support business continuity should an event or cyberattack occur.
  • Uncover and address any vulnerabilities in your defenses and better manage your cybersecurity risks.  
  • Monitor, detect, and respond to threats against your organization utilizing our Security Operations Center on task day and night to protect and defend your organization.  
  • Stay ahead of the changing requirements associated with a complex regulatory environment.



Our managed security solutions and IT leadership help you meet and maintain technical HIPAA compliance requirements and implement best practices for protecting Patient Health Information (PHI). We maintain a Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider, or CSP, relationship with Microsoft, providing access to compliant cloud-based security and productivity solutions. 



We leverage our vendor and supplier relationships to achieve the best possible pricing on hardware and software solutions for your organization.   


  • Benefit from an assigned Account Manager, a strategic technical and business operations resource, who:  
    •  Keeps you informed about  technologies and solutions so you can make cost-effective and informed decisions.
    •  Helps you control costs and contributes to your annual budgeting and planning process.
    •  Creates a 3-5 year technology roadmap that aligns with your organization’s goals and growth plans.
    •  Develops and supports strategic plans to implement new technologies into your manufacturing environment.
  • Scalable systems administration resources to meet your technical and financial requirements.
  • Receive invitations to training labs and educational events to keep up-to-date  on relevant digital transformational technologies.  
  • Access to our skilled Help Desk team to address and resolve your staff’s IT issues. Located in New England. 
  • Access to skilled solution development, project management, and engineering resources, so IT projects are completed on time and on budget.

Systems Engineering is your single partner for all your network architecture and IT management needs, offering industry-leading Service Level Agreements. As your partner, we can create a technology environment that enhances your business processes, effectively support your staff, and protects and secure your vital medical data. Get in touch with us today!