Information Technology White Papers

Take advantage of Systems Engineering white papers. Topics include security, cloud networks, business continuity, IT strategies, modern desktop and more.

Modern Desktop for a Digital World

To be better positioned to engage in this cloud-connected world, businesses need to adopt a cloud-centric approach by enabling technologies that allow their employees to work in a more efficient, productive, and secure way.

Modern Defense in Depth: An Evolved Approach to Cybersecurity

Make your business less attractive to cybercriminals by implementing a modern cybersecurity strategy.

E-rate: Technology Funding for Schools and Libraries

Understand how to navigate the E-rate funding application process.

Email Security: How it impacts PII and PHI

Learn how email encryption provides you with ancritical layer of security when sending PII and PHI.

Data Governance and Data Protection

It's important to remember that data governance and data protection, otherwise known as backup and recovery, have important roles to play. Learn more...

Preparing for a Data Breach

Breach response planning and cybersecurity are top of mind for organizations across various industries. Learn more...