Cloud Security Service

Elevate Your Digital Defenses.

The cloud is unmatched in its ability to help organizations achieve more than ever before. Its benefits are limitless, only stymied by the new security risks it introduces. These new threats are challenging the way small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) approach security. Business leaders must think differently about security as they scale and expand their cloud networks beyond established perimeters. To be protected in the cloud, SMBs need to evolve security defenses from the traditional “moat-and-castle” approach to a modern security strategy that protects the organization from today’s sophisticated cyberthreats.

Designed with flexibility and productivity in mind, Systems Engineering’s Cloud Security service provides security and risk management experts who consult with your team to develop a dynamic cloud security strategy. Our consultative engagements align security with your business objectives and/or compliance requirements. This approach is centered around a continuous security improvement model, where we determine next security priorities and recommendations through scheduled technology reviews and risk alignment sessions.

Once security objectives are identified, our Cloud Security service brings in a security engineer to configure and run a pilot group through the proposed changes, setting you up to successfully deploy new security technologies across your organization.

Cloud Security includes the following Microsoft 365 cloud-based security capabilities and service features:

Systems Engineering security consultants help clients navigate through complex security transitions while our team of qualified engineers ensures each capability is deployed and configured appropriately. This collective effort helps your organization adopt new security practices and avoid common implementation pitfalls during the strategic roll-out of capabilities.

Our team of security and risk management experts is ready to support your business in its goal to achieve greater security.  Contact us today.