Application Development

When it can’t be found in a box.

Systems Engineering’s Application Development services can take your new or legacy applications and make them work smarter for you. We specialize in custom software solutions designed to meet departmental needs. Our team optimizes your in-house applications making them more flexible and readily available to you and your clients to deliver a better experience.

Application Integration

Put Applications to Work for You

You have a few key business systems – accounting, manufacturing, etc. – that support your business. But they never really worked well together, so you find yourself creating multiple spreadsheets to compensate for this, and often end up rekeying information into other systems that already reside in another.

Systems Engineering Software Engineers can make your existing systems “talk” to each other, to share information seamlessly and in real time if needed. Integrating systems can provide timely, accurate information and free up resources to do more productive work.

Application Modernization

Extend the Life of your Applications

Is your core business system showing its age but still delivering value? Is it time to replace or can you get a few more years out of it?

Systems Engineering software engineers can re-engineer your application by developing web-based front-ends to take advantage of modern systems while maintaining business processes and keeping costs low.

Often clients will “web-enable” a legacy application so that they can access it from outside the company firewall or provide that access to customers for ‘self-service’ type features to reduce internal costs.

Web Applications

Get Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Need a new, specialized application to meet a specific need but can’t find something off the shelf?  Is your organization spread out geographically or are your employees mobile or telecommuting?  Getting business information in front of the right people at the right time can be a challenge.

Systems Engineering Software Engineers can create web applications that deliver functionality to end-users anywhere in the world using a standard browser.  Web applications can reach into your internal systems, securely, to provide that information to those who need it.

Mobile Apps

Take it on the Road

Can you get to the information you need to run your business quickly, easily and when you are on the road?  Everyone is ‘going mobile’ these days, including your clients.  They expect, and in some cases demand, that they have access to information when they need it.

Systems Engineering software engineers can create device-agnostic mobile applications that deliver.  Using HTML5 and Javascript, these applications will run on iPhones, Android, and Windows phones, eliminating the need for different applications for different end users.  Using a standard software development lifecycle methodology, Systems Engineering can deliver mobile applications to you.