Get IT Assessed

At Systems Engineering, we want to help you use IT strategically. Based on your business needs and where you want to grow, we will begin with an assessment. Each of our assessments review your environment, to explore your technology and related business processes to understand how you are currently using IT.  Once evaluated, we present you with all our findings, highlighting the risks and opportunities.  We discuss the impact our findings have on your business and make recommendations that align with industry best practices.  Click on an assessment below to learn more.


For most organizations, cybersecurity is a top concern as it is critical to business productivity and success. We offer a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment that uses an in-the-field technology and team member interview approach to understand your overall cybersecurity posture. The result offers valuable insight into your cybersecurity defense’s strengths and, more importantly, its weaknesses. LEARN MORE


Organizations that conduct business with the US Department of Defense, a DoD contractor, or subcontractor, must comply with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standards.  Our CMMC Registered Practitioner™ can conduct a CMMC Gap Analysis of your environment to determine how far or close your organization is to meeting compliance requirements dictated by your CMMC level.  LEARN MORE


Your network is at the heart of your organization.  It consists of mission-critical applications and sensitive data necessary to run your business, and you want it performing at its best.  If you are unsure about your network or are experiencing network issues, take advantage of our network assessment. LEARN MORE


Thinking about moving data or systems to the cloud?  Before you take the leap, begin with our cloud assessment. This assessment takes a look at your business drivers, applications, data, security, and network needs. Once we have all the necessary information, we can put your on the right path to migration and deliver you and your data safely to the cloud. LEARN MORE