Engineering Services

Keeping your business running smoothly requires constant engineering expertise across a broad range of skill sets. With such a wide variety of required skills needed to maintain business technologies and a highly competitive market for engineers, Systems Engineering provides Engineering Services to help your business achieve its goals.

Whether you have an existing team of engineers or not, you can rely on Systems Engineering’s people, processes, and tools to deliver the right solutions across a variety of project types. It’s our job to successfully support your business through spikes in workloads and tackle complex technology challenges.

Systems Engineering offers the following engineering services:

Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Increase agility and save money by allocating resources only when you need them. By taking advantage of virtualization, you can make investments as the need grows, and continuously adjust your infrastructure needs. Data center virtualization, private cloud, and public cloud technology allow you to build a flexible technology solution, implement cost-effective disaster recovery solutions, and put the best technology management tools in the hands of your teams. Systems Engineering can help in all aspects of virtualization and cloud computing including migrations, implementations, ongoing monitoring and support, and architecture and design work.

Security Engineering and Design

Our Security Engineers can help you assess your current risks, upgrade your overall security posture, and build s security strategy – all while we help you put the best tools in the hands of your team to get their job done efficiently and securely. We can also support you with compliance needs and ongoing security monitoring and incident response.

Mobility and the Modern Desktop

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, our engineers can help roadmap and implement SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 with integrated security, management, and monitoring. Whether you are just starting, or are actively using many SaaS applications, now is a great time to invest in making it easier for your users to adopt best in class solutions, while enabling them to do their work securely.

Communication and Collaboration Platforms

Workforce collaboration is a critical key to a capable, productive team. Systems Engineering can help you select platforms to empower your users to work together on documents, collaborate as teams, work face-to-face regardless of location, and collaborate real time. These solutions improve both employee and customer experiences, reduce the overhead of status meetings, and empower teams to get the job done.

Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Data Retention

Business today can rarely survive without their technology systems and data for very long. Systems Engineering delivers innovative solutions to meet your team’s growing dependencies on documents and data. These technologies can provide everything from simple, low-cost backup solutions to highly available replication capabilities to support the most elaborate business continuity plans. These solutions can protect against crypto-locking, fulfill document retention requirements, and provide high availability for your critical systems. They can also provide creative solutions to natural disaster scenarios that might otherwise shut your business down.

Systems Engineering has the expertise to help you achieve your business goals with technical solutions.  Contact us to see how we can enhance your team and move your business forward.