SE Lunch & Learn: Data Breach Reality Event Recap

Systems Engineering’s Lunch & Learn: “When Risk Becomes Reality – Responding to a Data Breach” was recently held in Bangor and Portland, Maine and Bedford, New Hampshire. This event gave participants a chance to safely experience and respond to a security breach through hands-on, facilitator lead exercises.

Cybercrime is a big business. It is estimated that the annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion and rising. Industry security experts are stating that data breaches are inevitable and that the time to put security measures in place is prior to a breach, not after.

“It was important for us to place people into the chaos that can happen within an organization that isn’t properly prepared to deal with a security breach,” said Erik Thomas, Senior Consultant at SE. “This exercise really highlighted that while organizations can never fully be prepared for a breach, there are certain steps and tools available to help you endure and ultimately recover from a breach.”

The harsh reality is that 1 in 4 businesses, particularly those unprepared for a breach, do not reopen. The more prepared you are, the quicker your organization will be able to mobilize and respond to a breach.

“Some organizations today are not particularly good at handling disasters for several reasons, but a major one being that they haven’t practiced their response plans or frankly, just don’t have one,” said Thomas.

Key takeaways from SE’s Lunch & Learn event were;

  • Pre-assign roles & responsibilities.
  • Clear communications to employees and clients are crucial.
  • Practice the plans you have in place.
  • If you are experiencing a breach, get help.

SE has led and conducted data breach/disaster scenarios for many organizations. If you’re interested in SE conducting a round-table exercise for your organization, contact us at