CMMC Compliance Service

Monitor and Maintain CMMC Compliance

If your business is grappling with CMMC compliance, we can help. Systems Engineering’s CMMC Compliance Service is designed for organizations looking to achieve and maintain Advanced or Level 2 compliance.

Systems Engineering is a Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO).

CMMC Compliance Service offers a proactive approach to compliance by closely monitoring your organization’s CMMC compliance levels.  We are a CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization and have qualified CMMC Registered Practitioners™ on staff who will work closely with you to keep you on top of compliance ahead of and between C3PAO audits. Your CMMC compliance status will be closely monitored to ensure you’re addressing your compliance responsibilities on a continual basis. This service is intended to move compliance from a stressful, reactive event to a predictable, proactive process to ease compliance burdens and avoid non-compliance.

CMMC Compliance Service includes:

  • CMMC REGISTERED PRACTITIONER™: Fills in-house knowledge gaps and provides the necessary leadership to keep you on top of compliance-related tasks.
  • PLAN OF ACTION AND MILESTONES: Creation of a POAM document to outline a remediation path for CMMC compliance and help you effectively implement NIST 800-171 controls. This document is reviewed quarterly.
  • POAM MEETINGS:  These are held monthly or quarterly and cover:
    • External Vulnerability Scan review to identify changes in your vulnerability status. Vulnerabilities deemed high severity will be documented and addressed.
    • Internal Vulnerability Scan review to evaluate any changes in high-severity findings.
    • Information Security Event review to confirm any security incidents have been addressed.
    • Patching review to ensure any critical and security patches have been applied to Windows server and workstation systems.
  • SYSTEMS SECURITY PLAN: Develop an SSP document that reflects your unique security environment and details your CMMC security requirements and the controls you have in place to meet them.
  • INTERNAL VULNERABILITY SCANS: Conduct a monthly scan for vulnerabilities within your network.
  • ASSESSOR INQUIRY SUPPORT: We will respond to and supply information requested by a certified C3PAO auditor during your CMMC audit.  
  • CMMC COMPLIANCE MONITORING: Participation in your monthly tech steering meetings to learn about changes to your business and IT operations.  With this knowledge, we can advise how those changes could affect your compliance posture.

A CMMC Gap Analysis is required and offered as part of this service. This output is necessary to create a POAM that allows our Registered Practitioner to create a path to compliance based on your organization’s needs. This document will be used to monitor your compliance posture and to address the numerous tasks associated with maintaining and achieving CMMC compliance.

Our extensive compliance and security experience makes us the right choice to manage your CMMC program. Additionally, we can support your technical remediation needs associated with CMMC compliance. Our team of over 180+ engineering professionals complements our service bringing a deep bench of technical capabilities and expertise.

Start Now

Compliance is a journey that is best addressed over time. We can help you carefully plan a remediation path to reduce the impact compliance and security changes can have on business operations.  With Systems Engineering as your CMMC compliance advisor, your organization will be well prepared to achieve, monitor, and maintain Level 2 compliance.  Connect with us for more details.

Systems Engineering is not A C3PAO assessor. we do not conduct CMMC Compliance AUDITS. We provide CMMC Registered Practitioners and security consultants who will prepare your organization FOR A CMMC audit.