Wireless Networks

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Over the past decade, wireless networks have become critical to business operations while becoming increasingly more complex to implement and manage. Consequently, organizations are now faced with challenges of managing numerous devices, assuring staff can quickly connect to in-house applications and providing end-users with safe, wireless access to the Internet.

At Systems Engineering, we have years of experience designing, deploying and maintaining wireless infrastructures.  Our expertise, coupled with industry-leading cloud managed wireless and networking solutions can solve complex networking issue your organization might face.  Whether implementing a new wireless network or upgrading an existing one, our service delivers a scalable solution that provides a reliable and secure wireless experience for your organization’s staff, clients and guests.

Systems Engineering Wireless Networks service offers:

  • Wireless assessment and design
  • Predictive and onsite site surveys
  • Heat maps, coverage needs, and Access Point placement
  • Security-minded installation to fit needs
  • Cabling test and certification
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) including:
    • Licensing tracking and renewals management
    • Configuration changes
    • Software upgrades
    • Security Patching
    • Geo-fencing and device control
  • Centralized visibility of your wireless network via a single dashboard to control access points, switches, firewalls, etc.

On-going support includes:

  • Access to device management portal
  • Policy management
  • Access control and network segregation
  • Network performance troubleshooting
  • Training in Cisco Meraki cloud management
  • Email and phone support
  • Door-to-Door depot support for repair and replacement of hardware