Security Assessment

A great way to ensure your organization has the right mix of security measures in place to effectively combat modern threats is to enlist Systems Engineering to perform a comprehensive security assessment.  We have spent over a decade developing and refining our assessment approach which takes an in-depth look at the following critical categories of cybersecurity:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Perimeter security
  • Internal protections
  • Endpoint management
  • Identity management
  • Cloud, web, and email management
  • Application and data security

Once we have performed the assessment, your business will:

  • Know your maturity level in each of the critical categories of cybersecurity
  • Establish what protections it has in place and how/if they are working
  • Receive a thorough interpretation of the risks/vulnerabilities your organization has
  • Identify critical risks and recommended mitigation steps for each of the key categories
  • Come away with a proactive plan to protect your business moving forward

If your business is looking for a thorough assessment that gives you valuable insight into your security controls and practices, ask for a security assessment from Systems Engineering by filling out our form.