Multi-Factor Authentication Guide

Faced with a multitude of cybersecurity and compliance challenges, security leaders at small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) are looking to prioritize and invest in cybersecurity measures that help them better manage cybersecurity risks and reduce cyberthreats. One of the most effective and affordable cybersecurity tools SMBs should implement now is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

If you are responsible for or concerned about security at your SMB, download this MFA guide to learn:

  • The critical role MFA plays in protecting your data in the cloud.
  • How MFA prevents fraudulent network access attempts by cybercriminals.
  • The authentication methods MFA uses to validate who is accessing your network.
  • Why traditional authentication(username and password alone) increasingly needs backup and is no longer enough.
  • How it’s enabling SMBs to meet various data security regulations.

MFA is proven to prevent some of the most common and successful cyberattacks. To learn how MFA works to protect your SMB’s employees, clients, and data, fill out the form to unlock the Multi-Factor Authentication Guide.