Law Firm Improves Productivity & Security

A general practice law firm wanted to upgrade its unpredictable, underperforming network that was creating downtime and cutting into productivity.


A local general practice law firm with locations in New Hampshire and Maine. For over fifty years, the firm’s commitment to providing quality legal services to clients and in maintaining high ethical standards has made this firm one of the most successful law firms in the seacoast New Hampshire and southern Maine areas.


The law firm was dealing with an unpredictable, underperforming network. It was creating downtime, which was interfering with productivity and putting their confidential client information and legal cases at risk. Receiving little to no support from their IT provider, their frustration increased as the problems persisted. The law firm realized it was time to re-evaluate how they were handling IT.

“We were spending a lot of money on technology, and despite that, we had unacceptable downtime, which is not ideal when you’re working with trials, judges, and clients,” explained the business manager at the firm.


To uncover what was causing the issues within the law firm, Systems Engineering deployed an assessment team to evaluate their network. During the assessment, it became clear that the faulty network at the firm was not built to support their practice management software. Their inadequate network was the reason they were experiencing unwanted downtime.


Systems Engineering worked with the team at the law firm to develop a hybrid cloud solution. A combination of effective cloud resources were leveraged alongside local infrastructure to support the firm’s applications and necessary performance requirements. As an interdisciplinary legal practice, Systems Engineering also provided expertise focused on the law firm’s compliance obligations and worked with their team to develop a well-rounded approach to data governance and information security.

In addition, the law firm’s infrastructure, network, and firewall devices were all refreshed with enterprise-grade, cloud-managed solutions to complete the firm’s adoption of easily-managed, cost-effective IT resources.

Finally, to keep its network performing at optimal levels, the firm decided to outsource IT functions to Systems Engineering. The law firm now receives:

“I felt so relieved for not having to worry about things I had to worry about in the past,” explained one representative at the law firm. “Systems Engineering’s Help Desk service is a huge support mechanism. I used to be the in-house help desk contact troubleshooting each issue to the best of my ability. I took on this role as we had to be mindful of our employees calling our former provider for support. We would be charged each time, which can add up. I give Systems Engineering five out of five stars. The daily services they provide to us are thorough, reliable, and appreciated,” said the firm’s representative.