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IT Project Management: Why It’s a “Must”

Do you have strategic IT initiatives that are not progressing cohesively with your growing business? Are internal skill gaps bringing those initiatives to a halt? If those project initiatives are moving along, are they not achieving the desired business values and goals? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Systems Engineering’s Project Managers… Read more »

SE Lunch & Learn: Data Breach Reality Event Recap

Systems Engineering’s Lunch & Learn: “When Risk Becomes Reality – Responding to a Data Breach” was recently held in Bangor and Portland, Maine and Bedford, New Hampshire. This event gave participants a chance to safely experience and respond to a security breach through hands-on, facilitator lead exercises. Cybercrime is a big business. It is estimated… Read more »

Outsourcing Augments Internal IT Departments

Systems Engineering’s Brad Sprague, Strategic Accounts Team Manager, recently appeared on WBOL’s The Derek Volk Show.  He discusses why organizations decide to outsource all or pieces of IT and how SE’s services support and augment internal IT departments:  giving clients competitive advantage with a comprehensive IT foundation. Listen to the radio interview:  IT Pro’s

Avoiding the Lenovo Superfish Adware Risk

Earlier this month it was revealed that Lenovo, a major manufacture of computer systems, started  shipping consumer systems in September 2014 which knowingly contained a pieces of adware, dubbed “Superfish“.  After complaints from consumers and the discovery that this code compromised the security of the systems, Lenovo stopped the use of the system preloads which… Read more »

SE Essentials Offers Comprehensive IT Management and Support

At Systems Engineering, we understand the evolving demands placed on IT departments. They are being faced with device proliferation, data explosion, developing information complexity and the ever present need to maintain a reliable and secure network.  At the same time, organizations need to ensure their IT dollars are aligned with their strategic goals and not… Read more »

Systems Engineering Launches New Managed IT Service

Systems Engineering, a leading IT strategy and managed services provider, has introduced SE Essentials, an innovative, all inclusive IT infrastructure support service designed to help organizations achieve operational efficiency. SE Essentials Delivers Operational Efficiency and IT Infrastructure Management and Support with High Value Managed IT Service Systems Engineering, a leading IT strategy and managed services… Read more »

SE Speaking at 2014 ANCOR Technology Summit & Showcase

SE will be exhibiting and presenting at The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Technology Summit & Showcase in Denver, Colorado.   Our presentation will cover the current threat landscape and why security technology should be apart of your HIPAA compliance strategy. CyberSecurity: What are The Risks and Why Should You Care? Friday, October… Read more »

Start planning now for Windows Server 2003 End of Support

Do you have servers and applications that have been around for 5 years or more? Do you know what version of Microsoft Server these are running on? Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015.  This means this server Operating System (OS) will no longer get security patches nor… Read more »

SE’s tier-free Help Desk model promotes successful customer relationships

End-user technology support has evolved from a small team of internal network administrators answering end-user calls when otherwise not engaged, to large offshore call centers, shuffling end-users through a series of troubleshooting tiers, in each of which a narrowly trained operator satisfies a rigid punch list of troubleshooting steps.  Typically, end-users must endure the first… Read more »

E-mail Archiving: Long-Term Data Storage Management

E-mail is now widely recognized as a mission-critical business application, allowing organizations to effectively communicate and easily share documents via e-mail attachments across the enterprise while providing a record of conversations between employees and client.  But e-mail is not infallible:  Left unchecked, mailboxes can grow exponentially into massive, unstructured datasets that are unwieldy to navigate,… Read more »